Wind Power

  • India is the 5th largest in producing wind mill energy in the world.
  • The largest wind mill farms in the country are located at Muppandal in Kanyakumari district.
  • Muppandal  is located in a hilly region where wind from the Arabian Sea gusts through mountain passes. The wind speed at this place is 20-25 km and available throughout the year.
  • The village has attracted wind energy producing companies creating thousands of new jobs, dramatically raising the incomes of villagers.
  • Now there are more sites identified for windmills around Muppandal and surroundings and wind energy generation capacity is estimated to be around 1500 MW, which is about 20% of that of India.

Mineral Wealth

  • Illuminite (Black sand)
  • Zircon
  • Garnet (Silicon carbon)
  • Monozite (radio active materials)
  • Rutile (Titan Oxide)
  • Coloured Granite
  •  Rough Stone and Jelly
  • Gravel / Earth


  • Pandiyan Dam
  • Puthen Dam
  • Pechipparai Dam
  • Perunchani Dam
  • Chittar Dam
  • Poikai Dam

Water Source


  • Thamiraparani River
  • Pazhayar
  • Valliyar
  • Ponniavaikal
  • Paraliyar