• Identifying, Motivating and Guiding Entrepreneurs.
  • Coordinating issue of part - I and Part- II Acknowledgement through online to MSMEs
  • Granting incentives to MSMEs
  • Issue of Entrepreneur Memorandum Acknowledgement - Part I (Provisional)
  • Issue of Entrepreneur Memorandum Acknowledgement - Part II (Permanent)
  • Single Window Clearance to obtain clearances from various departments
  • Registration and promotion of cottage and handicrafts industries
  • Regional MSME Facilitation council for the recovery of unrecovered dues with interest for the goods supplied from MSME
  • Incentives to MSME
  • Sick unit rehabilitation
  • Implementation of Quality control order under BIS Act
  • Providing Escort services

Twenty Steps to Start a New Micro Small Medium Enterprise
Step 1 Decision to be self employed / an entrepreneur
Step 2 Search for an opportunity and spotting the right product mix
Step 3 Contact District Industries Centre for necessary guidance and consultation
Step 4 Finalise the optimum location of the Enterprise
Step 5 Preparation of the project Report
Step 6 Getting MSME (Part - I ) Acknowledgement
Step 7 Arrangement for Getting finance
Step 8 Acquiring Land / Building / Industrial Shed
Step 9 Placing order and Purchase of Machinery
Step 10 Getting Statutory Licences
Step 11 Recruitment of personnel
Step 12 Getting Power Connection
Step 13 Procurement of Raw Materials and Commence   Production
Step 14 Getting MSME (Part - II ) Acknowledgement
Step 15 Applying / Availing all incentives through District Industries Centre
Step 16 Implementation of sales Promotion  techniques
Step 17 Ascertaining the profit earned
Step 18 Repayment of Loan interest and Principal
Step 19 Product Diversification / Expansion
Step 20 Modernisation and Technology upgradation